Saturday, July 26, 2014

Costa Rica Mission: Day #8

It is hard to believe today was our last day in Costa Rica. 

Today we traveled almost two hours to Guismo to help the local church with their Bible Clubs.

In the morning, almost fifty children came from around the area for songs, crafts, activities, and the chance to hear God's Word.  Bible Club started with a welcome, a prayer, and an opportunity for the children to recite the Bible verse that they had memorized before breaking into groups for their lessons. 

Once again, we were able to share our puppet show and sing about His LOVE. This time, when we sang "Cristo te Ama" they joined in, lifting their voices to praise Him. 

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In the afternoon, we worked to help the church rebuild their youth program. Jordan, our fearless leader for the day, explained that the church had stopped offering a youth group for teenagers when there weren't enough volunteers to keep it going. Now that more church members are willing to help, they are once again offering a program for their older youth. 

We walked through the town distributing tracts and inviting teenagers to attend the afternoon Bible Club. While the group was small, there were three girls, new to the youth group, who came to hear about His LOVE. 

May those seeds continue to be watered through future Bible Clubs and may God's LOVE be known by all of the children we have met this week. 

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