Saturday, January 3, 2015

oh, Costa Rica

...I want to go back.

It seems hard to believe that it has been five months since we were in Costa Rica swimming in the ocean, blowing bubbles with the children at the orphanages, playing endless hours of soccer, delivering food to the village.  We were so incredibly blessed through our experience.

As I think back on our trip, there is one moment that I keep coming back to; that warms my heart and makes me so proud of the youth that were a part of that trip.

It seems like just yesterday we were visiting the poor village.  

IMG_9074 IMG_1714

I still remember that moment when we walked into the first "house" to deliver food.  It was so crowed that only about half of our group could make it inside the one-room dwelling that served as a living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedroom.  ...and I remember when the woman who lived there shared her story; her story of hunger, but also her story of faith.  

She recalled a day when her family was without food.  ...they had nothing, yet she washed their dishes in anticipation for dinner.  While she washed those dishes, someone questioned why should would waste her time when there would be no food.  Without hesitation, she told that person that there would be food; God would provide food. ...and He did.  

We have everything, and there are times we struggle to believe. They have nothing, yet their strength in The Lord is sure.  

...but, that wasn't the only thing that I remember about that day.  As we went from "house" to "house" we listened to their stories and we were blessed with an opportunity to pray for them and their situations.  Each time the pastor asked us who would like to pray, another one of my youth would step forward and volunteer to pray for these families who so desperately need His LOVE as their hope.  ...they make me so proud.  

I am so very blessed to work with an incredible group of youth. I pray God continues to work in their lives and that they continue to grow in their faith. ...watching them as they walk in faith inspires me more than they can know.  

Click [here] to read more about the village we visited. 

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